Why I dismiss the idea of having a uniformed wardrobe

“Wear the same outfit daily, it will make you more successful.”

I’ve heard this phrase regurgitated a million times, quoted via different people. Apparently Steve Jobs does it. So it must be pretty decent advise.

I agree the fundamentals of subscripting to a lack of choice is fascinating and yearning due its supposed time savings and freeing of mind. But the restriction of flexibility creates a placement where I am no longer in control of a creative situation, but instead cornered into a routine. This which was something that I became a creative to get out of.

I find that creatives require a stimulus to be good at creating, and this choice of apparel right before work works as a great one. The need to choose isn’t a mind constrictor, but rather it is kick starter. A fresh start to your creative day with you, yourself being your first creation.



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