Decorative design

As designers, we know that reductionism isn’t for every project that comes flying through the door, and it is often a dilemma to include decorative design into your work to make it seem designed. There is a fundamental lack of awareness that the seemingly design-less design, is design itself.

What is decorative design however? I personally feel that the point of reference on what is decorative design seems to be when a certain design stops functioning to draw attention/interest to the content; or stops acting as a segregation/organisation between two related yet different contents, and start functioning as a renegade. When the design is done for the sake of introducing an element. Like putting in a box simply to fill up an empty space in the design.

What is even more confusing however when you think about this relationship is that there are times when an element falls between decorative and functional. These are usually elements that are complementary to the design yet not entirely necessary. Like a stylised bullet or a specially crafted letter ‘A’. These designs create the Look&Feel of the collateral; and generally is in the grey area due to their supportive role. Nevertheless, I guess form should still ultimately follow function.



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