The life of a chameleon 

(This post might sound a little narcissistic but it’s merely a documentation of my thoughts at this point of time. So do bear with it for a while.)

Consistency is a charm. It predicts an outcome and puts an estimate to objects and situations. We need assumptions to live a normal life. To look at a pillow and know that it is soft, to see fire and understand its danger. It makes sense for designers to be consistent in their craft, so that clients and superiors see a foundation in their work. Yet stability breeds a stagnant pond, and it is at this point where I question its significance.

I am not as one will call “consistent”, work or personality wise. For it seems that I am engulfed in a range of likes and dislikes, a fluctuating level of confidence. A confusing relationship with me wanting people to be around, and my preferences of solitude. I can work a certain style at a time, yet change aesthetics as I mature.

I don’t think it’s considerably bad however. I am a chameleon. My ability to adapt to a situation outweighs an anchoring personality. Some will say that I am fake, others will see this as being slightly bipolar. I do not blame them for I notice these things about myself as well.

Yet, what this awareness based on such wide spectrum of preferences do, is that it separates me from the confinements of having a face.

It is an escape, to be an observer rather then a participant in the rat race, and it is useful in design and its problem solving work. I first developed self awareness when I started actively noticing people and their actions. When you read situations, and you understand how emotions are formed, you start losing the instinctive stance of being an individual. You start understanding the science, behind the reasons we do things the way we do, and act the way we act; and with that knowledge you can build yourself up to cater to different scenarios when the need arises.

The malleability of the human psyche is amazing. You can make yourself like something if you know how to do it. It’s trainable, and perhaps it is something that I should look into to restore a sense of norm to this life of mine.

Here is something I wrote awhile back; “The personality of an individual should be hard to summarize. For personalities unlike jobs are unspecific and fluctuating, and one sophisticated enough is a complicate structure that should evidently hold multiple meanings. Who you are now will not be who you are a minute later. For now, I am a creative. I am an adrenaline junkie, but yet with enough rationality to not go plunging off a cliff without a parachute intact. A minute later, I might be something else.”



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