Irreversible change

This is going to be a short entry, but I would like to talk about some things before I forget about it. This concerns my view of world; and the stages of occurrences that will lead to the bonding of mankind and its trump. I was reading the news recently about the Talibans and ISIS seeking aggression against one another, and it hit me real hard. Our world is in a terrible rumble. Russia and Turkey are at logger heads. The gun control in the USA is out of control (no pun intended). Mass shootings are endless. Paris is in a crisis. People are seeking asylum everywhere in Europe.

Long story short, I once did a project about what would happen if the world changed. I told the mentor of mine back then, that the world would only change if it was an irreversible change. The mentor dismissed my idea, due to her “not believing in it”. However in all due respect to her, my concept is not too far off from reality. You can believe in the goodness of humans, but should a temptation mature enough, humans have a way of changing sides. The only way for such a prevention, is an absolution.

Humbly, I speculate that policies and ideas will alter when our world seeps into chaos, as amongst chaos, will humans find a way to peace; and when such peace is sourced for, even once foes, will turn to allies in order for the survivability of mankind, decisively selfish or not. It is the same for WW2 and it will unarguably be similar for this one. History repeats itself.

Absolute peace however, comes not from the bond of mankind, but through the stories we keep as archives, of a world in its traumatic state. Perhaps this is fear mongering, but the emotion of fear has always been there to keep us alive.



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